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A Brief History of Courage UK

A Time for Change

Are women partly to blame for staying married to a gay man?

Be Proud of Who God Made You

‘But the Bible says ... ’? A Catholic reading of Romans 1

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Courage and the Evangelical Alliance part company

Evangelical Alliance/Courage Joint Statement

Fool’s Gold

Hearing the Cry of the Human Heart!

Human Sexuality – another look and a wider view

‘I need a hero!’

Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today and For Ever

Mixed Orientation Marriage - What to do?

On Evangelical Faith and Homosexuality

Our Search for Intimacy

Pastoral Care for Lesbian & Gay Christians

Same-sex relationships and Scripture

Sex in the City

Should the Church be willing to bless same-sex relationships?

Some Thoughts for Gay Men who are Married and Christian

Some thoughts on the Atonement

Suffering and Mystery

The Bible and Homosexuality

The Challenge of the Gospel

The First Commandment

The Righteous shall Live by Faith

The Stand of Courage

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Way Forward for Courage

They Met in Bethlehem

Unbinding the Gay Conscience

Weaker brothers, damnable heretics - and how to tell the difference

What is an Evangelical?

”What is that to you?”

When sin is still SIN!

Why Evangelicals Must Think Again about Homosexuality

Why the Cross?

Basis of faith

Basis of FaithBasis of Faith

Contact details

Contact detailsContact details

Discipleship Groups

Courage ScotlandCourage Scotland

Discipleship Groups - membership formDiscipleship Groups - membership form

Discipleship GroupsDiscipleship Groups

Introducing Courage

Introducing CourageIntroducing Courage

Newsletters and prayer letters

Courage Prayer Letter: April - June 2010Courage Prayer Letter: April - June 2010

Courage Prayer Letter: April - June 2011Courage Prayer Letter: April - June 2011

Courage Prayer Letter: August/September 2008Courage Prayer Letter: August/September 2008

Courage Prayer Letter: January - March 2010Courage Prayer Letter: January - March 2010

Courage Prayer Letter: January - March 2011Courage Prayer Letter: January - March 2011

Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2005Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2006Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2007Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2008Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2008

Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2009Courage Prayer Letter: January/February 2009

Courage Prayer Letter: July - September 2010Courage Prayer Letter: July - September 2010

Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2005Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2006Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2007Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2009Courage Prayer Letter: July/August 2009

Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2005Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2006Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2007Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2008Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2008

Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2009Courage Prayer Letter: March/April 2009

Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2005Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2006Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2007Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2008Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2008

Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2009Courage Prayer Letter: May/June 2009

Courage Prayer Letter: November 2009Courage Prayer Letter: November 2009

Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2004Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2004

Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2005Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2006Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2007Courage Prayer Letter: November/December 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: October - December 2010Courage Prayer Letter: October - December 2010

Courage Prayer Letter: October/December 2008Courage Prayer Letter: October/December 2008

Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2004Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2004

Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2005Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2005

Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2006Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2006

Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2007Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2007

Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2009Courage Prayer Letter: September/October 2009

Newsletters and prayer lettersNewsletters and prayer letters

Our ethos

Our ethosOur ethos

Site map and search

Site mapSite map

Supporting the ministry of Courage

Supporting the ministry of Courage – supporters and membersSupporting the ministry of Courage – supporters and members

Supporting the ministry of CourageSupporting the ministry of Courage


‘A Mother’s Story’

A Parallel Story to Brokeback Mountain

Accepting myself was only the start of my Journey

Finally coming out of the wilderness

‘Finding My Way Back to Eden’

His Grace is Enough

I have a dream

Life Between the Categories

Love never fails

My Life in Three Halves

My Reluctant Journey to Chastity

My Spiritual Journey

Never be ashamed of your testimony

‘Not Knowing the Half of It’ – Confessions of a Wandering Jew

On Being Gay

Paradox or Purpose? – A journey of faith

Peter Major’s story

Really Gay Really Christian

‘Stepping Out (of Ex-Gay Ministries) in Faith’

Trusting in God

Wanderings, My Life and Thanks For Being You

What’s in a Name?

Why I am still an evangelical Christian

Tony Cross Column

The subject of gay marriages

Piggy in the middle

A short stay in Switzerland

Our creative God

The huge benefit of being gay or lesbian in today's world

When is a marriage not a marriage?

Aggravating the tension?

Four reasons to become a Christian

The first big schism

Well, it’s all over!

Changing homosexuals to heterosexuals

The worst sort of schism

New Testament parallels with today

There’s bound to be some fighting along the way

Love and intimacy

The Sharia row

The Covenant - Part Two

Living respectfully with the diversity God has given.

A tidal wave of shocks around the world - good!

A meditation for Christmas

Just a kind of arrested development?

Batten down the hatches - dirty weather ahead


It’s getting personal

Positive thinking?

Real Choice


The Anglican Church discusses women bishops

Closets and homophobes

Time to move beyond the legal

Gay Bishops and the Covenant

Nuances, interpretations, applications and disagreement

The fatal moment

How tolerant should we be of intolerance?

Celebrating a life

The God of Wonder

Not a perversion, not an illness

What does the proposed bill against homosexuality in Uganda tells us about the Ugandan Church?

Liberal Christians

The Shepherd waves his crook

The authority of scripture

It's natural (Part Two)

It's natural (Part One)

How do you get out of a big tent?

A concatenation of events

Disputes in churches - the Church of Scotland


Who will sign the Covenant? And which Covenant?

An open letter to American Anglicans

The Street - Thursday 22nd November

Assertive paranoia

God in control?

Sleepwalking into captivity

Wandering around Galilee

Active Acceptance

Punishment and retribution

Living a lie?


Shamed by the women

What matters

Our providential way

The difference between fudge and compromise

Eliminating the gay affirming churches

The communion we once loved

The God syndrome

Get out of the box!

Brokeback Mountain

Morality for gays

Tackling terrorism

In harmony together or split?

Expanding our thinking

Welcome or inclusion?

To the Episcopal Church of America: Stand firm!

The worldwide divide

Making Jesus the centre of your life - the only way to freedom.

The call to postpone Lambeth 2008

Here we go again


What is church?

The stark alternatives

Q - a lost gospel

Another gay bishop?

Not acceptable

The way society warps gay people

On Being Content

Four departures

What sort of God?

The evil of disunity

Examining the covenant idea (1)

Four Journeys


Have you learned to let go yet?

Looking ahead

Internalised homophobia

Burning in hell - for ever?

The direction of society


Receiving at the same table

“The inspired Word of God”

Spiritualizing the Bible

Is homosexuality an obsession?

The goldfish bowl


Some brief musings on intimacy

Infidelity and the bisexual married man. Part Two


Being in control

Did Christ think the world was flat? (Part One)

Letting go

Sin separates - or does it?

Not condemned, but no more sin

Crucified…and risen

Legitimate development

String Theory

Sliding backwards?

Untold wealth


The pink rouble

The dilemma for Christians today

‘. . . he cautiously pulled back’ (Galatians 2.12)

Them and Us

The purity of the faith

Finding a church

Prayer for beginners

A gay man looks at the bible…

Who am I?

Flies in amber…

Cultural acquiescence

Finding Mr Right

Church and State

Walking blind – the use of prayer day-by-day

The Galileo Syndrome

Bisexuality – Part One

Infidelity and the bisexual married man.

On trusting in God

Rain on the righteous

Thank God in every circumstance. For what?

Just as I am

Slaves, obey your masters

Deepening the dialogue

Crumbs for dogs

Choices, choices, choices

Not a question of morality . . .

An open letter to a gay friend

There must be boundaries

A day in the life of a disciple

Jewish Christianity

Come unto me . . .

Comments on the Windsor Report - Number One

The authority of Scripture

The crumbling certainties

Comments on the Windsor Report - Number Two

Facing up to postmodernism.

The Christian Hope

The moment of truth

Engaging with postmodernism

Control freak?

The Windsor Report - Part Three

How to approach a postmodernist - Part One

How to approach a postmodernist - Part Two

The Windsor Report - Part Four

Tension and the gay Christian

The Windsor Report - Number Five

Comments on the Windsor Report Number six

Made for communion

Law or love?

A schism-making divide?

Playthings of the gods?

Sowers and reapers

Bisexuality Part Two

Bisexuality Part Three

In the playpen

In the playpen – Part Two

Drawing a line under . . .

Trying to pray

Clutching and letting go

They wanted to keep God for themselves

The Fatherhood of God

Two years ago


A dialogue about homosexuality

What is Christianity?

The ‘S’ word

Some issues in Human Sexuality, Section 4.4.34

A sense of continuity

Discrimination? Don’t mention the word.


Missing church



Abba – Father

Good Friday

Growing up gay

Not in Machu Picchu

What’s on

What’s onWhat’s on

What's on: details of eventsWhat's on: details of events

What's on: details of venuesWhat's on: details of venues

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