Courage Discipleship Group Membership Form

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I have read and understood the notes below and would like to join a Courage Discipleship Group for the reasons noted
I understand the ethos of the Discipleship Groups
I agree in principle with the aims of the group meeting
I undertake to preserve absolute confidentiality for the group and all its members, including details of venues
I am happy to allow members of Courage staff or group leaders to discuss any relevant matters in the strictest confidence

Additionally, please tick as appropriate:

I would like to be informed of any meetings for married men/wives
Please send me a Standing Order Form to complete as a practical demonstration of my membership of Courage. OR:
As a UK taxpayer I would be happy for Courage to obtain the tax benefit available from Gift-Aid donations (please send the appropriate form)

When completed, please return this form to Jeremy Marks at:
Courage, P.O. Box 748, GUILDFORD, GU1 2ZY, United Kingdom

Signed: Date: 200__

Additional Notes relevant to Courage Membership:

‘Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds.’ Hebrews 10:23, 24 (NIV)

Courage meetings have been set up to foster spiritual growth in Christ, and we believe that to be a gay Christian is to endeavour to live a life that is honouring to God and distinctively Christian rather than conspicuously gay.

To desire the companionship of a partner of the same sex, on the basis of mutual love, commitment and faithfulness is a desire that we recognise as God-given and that we will support. For those already married (heterosexually) we will do all we can to support their marriage relationship and faithfulness to their marriage vows, whilst recognising a gay husband’s need (or lesbian wife’s need) for close same-sex friendship. Though not for everybody, where any member is committed to celibacy arising from personal conviction, we support this where such a conviction is conscientiously upheld by the individual out of their commitment to God.

With this in mind, Courage groups are set up to offer a safe place where members can expect to be treated with Christian love, honour and respect for one another’s boundaries. Members are adults who will be called to give account to God; what they agree to do by mutual consent in their own time is their business. But as a leadership, we must emphasise that Courage groups are not a place to ‘eye up the talent’, seek sexual partners or proposition anybody for casual sexual encounters. Any complaints received by the Courage leadership will be dealt with extremely seriously and could result in membership being suspended.

I would like to become a Courage Discipleship Group member because …
(All information given will be kept in the strictest confidence)