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A Personal Journey

No Longer Welcome?

Cast Out (April 2002)

Christian Homophobia (November 2000)

Christianity & Renewal (2001)

The Crucifixion of Truth

Demons and the Mind

Diversity in the modern church (June 2000)

Euthanasia 1: Officiously, To Keep Alive? (September 1993)

Euthanasia 2: Whose Life is it Anyway? (March 1994)

Expository preaching in a postmodern world

How to avoid the charge of homophobia (2002)

Is it rational to be anti-gay?

Is there a meaning in Dramatic Events?

Letter to John Stott (August 1999)

Letter to Michael (2001)

Living with our fallibility

Publications: A Sting in the Tale (1995)

Publications: Introducing Jesus (1986)

Publications: No Longer Slaves (1997)

Publications: People who made history (1998)

Publications: Practising Faith in a Pagan World (1997)

Publications: Songs of Experience (1993)

Publications: Turning the World Upside Down (1998)

Publications: Why I believe (1998)

Sermons: A Prophet and the Establishment

Sermons: The Cost of Discipleship

Sermons: The Humanity of God (Hosea 11)

What is an Evangelical? (2005)

Where will it all end?

Why Evangelicals must think again about homosexuality (2003)

Would the discovery of a gay gene be good news? (July 2002)

Tolerance, not Approval (October 2001)


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