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The testimonies are listed alphabetically by author and then by title. When the mouse pointer is over an testimony title, the description of that testimony will appear in the panel on the right of the page. (If this does not happen, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of your web browser.)

The description of each testimony will appear here when the mouse pointer is over the testimony title.

Chris Armstrong

‘Finding My Way Back to Eden’ (2004)

Randolph W. Baxter

‘Stepping Out (of Ex-Gay Ministries) in Faith’ (September 2003)

Margaret Borne

What’s in a Name? (June 2010)

Roy Clements

Why I am still an evangelical Christian (June 2012)

Jeff Coe

Wanderings, My Life and Thanks For Being You (April 2009)

Tim Evans

On Being Gay (April 2010)

Paul Fairbanks

Finally coming out of the wilderness (January 2008)

Edwin Fröling

My Life in Three Halves (November 2011)


Trusting in God (March 2011)

Rick Hocker

Never be ashamed of your testimony (September 2006)


Accepting myself was only the start of my Journey (November 2007)


My Reluctant Journey to Chastity (May 2009)

Alec Kemp

I have a dream (July 2006)

Gary M

A Parallel Story to Brokeback Mountain (October 2006)

Peter Major (as told to Sheila Longman)

Peter Major’s story (May 2006)


‘A Mother’s Story’ (January 2004)

Bren Marks

His Grace is Enough (February 2015)

Jeremy Marks

My Spiritual Journey (August 2006)

Really Gay Really Christian (August 2006)

Trevor Moss

Love never fails (June 2008)

Alex Raiken

‘Not Knowing the Half of It’ – Confessions of a Wandering Jew (July 2003)

Sigrid Rutishauser-James

Paradox or Purpose? – A journey of faith (November 1998)

Jaime Sommers

Life Between the Categories (December 2015)


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